The man, the myth, the…. wait… “man?”

I’m sure you didn’t come to this site to learn my a/s/l (remember those days?).. You probably came here because you want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly in regards to the adventures I go on and the cuisine I stuff into my face. That’s totally acceptable – but first, let’s chat!

Who is Alyssa Garbrick?

She is a young, super curious, super outgoing chick who dwells in a small town located in Central Pennsylvania. She has about 27 years of experience in living her life to the fullest and plans to keep building on that skill for many years to come. Not only is she an amateur artist, but she also LOVES to cook foreign dishes, travel to uncharted (sometimes off-limit) territories, and sing at the top of her lungs while in the car, the shower, the grocery store… pretty much everywhere she goes.

Alright – that’s enough talking about myself in the third person.

You won’t get to know me by reading the paragraph version of my personal resume, or by me telling you my favorite ice cream flavor. So, go ahead, click back to the Home tab and see what kind of person I am by reading about the trails that I blaze, the grub that I munch on, and the inspiration that I provoke. 

Oh.. and here are a few selfies of the girl that you’re following.

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