Don’t Look Down!

Never have I ever thought that I would have a slight panic attack from having to look through a glass floor. Well, not until I went to the Kinzua Bridge State Park in Mt. Jewett, Pennsylvania.

 The Kinzua Bridge was once known as the longest and tallest railroad structure at 2053 feet long and 301 feet high. However, in 2003 it was partially destroyed by a tornado that later turned into a pedestrian walkway in 2011. The kicker is that at the end of the walkway, you will have the opportunity to glance straight to the ground through the glass floor that you’ll be standing on. Talk about a rush! It honestly took me a few minutes to trick myself into walking on it. Stupid fear!

 Standing at the lookout point, this is a view of the bridge itself. You can see where the tornado ripped through and left behind, what used to be, the center piece of the bridge.

My friend and I noticed there were hiking points around parts of the state park, some of which were pretty killer and caused us to have to take a break. Once we got to the bottom, I saw an opportunity to climb up onto a piece of the bridge, so I took it!! The grass is actually covering the bottom of the concrete pad so it doesn’t look like I’m up that high…. but I was! Aaannnddd so were the spiders on the metal beams!

My friend was able to take some decent pictures through the glass floor. This is one of the pictures that she took. It’s nice to look at when you’re on the other side of a computer screen, but when this is what sits beneath your feet, you begin to panic…. trust me. Nothing like being able to see 300feet below your sneakers!

 If you have a chance to visit this state park, I highly recommend it. The view is beautiful and the pictures come out amazing! All of these photos were taken with Android cell phones.

 At the top of this post, there is a hyperlink to look at the website for the Kinzua Bridge State Park. Take a look around the website and see what others have done while they were there. There is also a welcome center as you arrive to the state park, but unfortunately we weren’t able to walk through it. Thankfully it’s close to my family up north, so I will definitely be making a trip back this fall!!! 


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